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No-Cage Boarding in our Country Home

Your Hosts

Dan Koon and Lane Conrad

Justis and Radigan Koon

101 County Road U 29

P.O. Box 142

Redvale (Dry Creek Basin), Colorado 81431

5/2015 Welcome, Bluegrass dogs and their people!

We have plenty of spaces left, so call for reservations

Note: Our P.O. box is in Redvale; home is in the Basin (see "maps" page) Please also note that we are 60 miles SW of Telluride - this means that we can't offer daycare, but DO offer pickup and delivery for our boarding clients.

970-864-7626 cell 970-729-3243

Welcome to our home! Our place is ideal for your well-behaved canine family member who wouldn't be happy in a run or cage. Here, your dogs become our dogs. They play together in one of our three big, fenced-in yards, come in and out of our house, go for runs in our fenced 4-acre field, and sleep in our bedroom at night. We give our boarders 24-hour, hands-on love and attention!


Special Note: This isn't exactly what you'd expect on this website, but it's the only forum we have to communicate with the public, so here goes: Dan has been sick for the past three years and we can't find any answers from the medical community. He is 51 years old and has mild pulmonary hypertension and is retaining fluid which is restricting his life so dramatically that he's not sure he wants to live much longer. He does have severe sleep apnea and is now on a bi-pap machine. He's in constant pain and when he is dehydrated, which the doctors want as much as possible, he gets gout, which he never had before this. His thyroid is somewhat elevated and has lowered with medication. He's on many other medications, which may be cause more harm than good. His heart is generally in good shape, kidneys fine and all other tests show no problems - we know this because he was hospitalized in Denver in January for diuresis, when every test that could be done, was - with no final answer at that time (or now) as to what the problem is.

If you have any ideas, and are in the medical field or alternative medical field, we would love to hear from you... we're just about out of answers and getting toward out of hope. Thanks for reading.

Dan and Lane have each trained dogs all their lives, and offer in-your-home obedience and behavior training for you and your canine family members. Since we have many clients who live outside our area, we are now offering obedience lessons by phone. Although it's great to meet you and your dog, most training is accomplished by training the owner, and we can start with this approach. Socializing is an important factor in puppy growth and can be done easily in conjunction with phone training. Puppy training is especially easy by phone, and is best done by starting when the pup is 7-8 weeks old. It is truly astonishing how many puppy training problems can be avoided simply by never allowing them to occur in the first place! Our phone consult takes 1-2 hours and costs $55/hour. We have a unique approach that most of our clients say they have not heard of before.... and it works!

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In addition to boarding, we teach obedience through consistency, praise and proper communication between you and your best friend, which are the keys to you both understanding each other's language. We believe that with owner education, we can help you change a problem dog into an enjoyable family member. For those dogs with longer-term, ingrained problem behaviors, we also offer "doggie finishing school", during which we'll take your dog and work with him at our home, finishing with lessons for you when he comes home. We primarily teach dogs to "chill out" and learn proper in-home behavior, and we provide house-call obedience and behavior lessons in the Telluride area.

We also offer complete all-breed grooming for those dogs who stay with us, specializing in first-time grooms and "poor attitudes." Many groomers are concerned with how many dogs they can groom in a day (the more dogs, the more money.) This can cause the poor attitudes. Lane has been grooming more than 30 years, and prefers not to rush herself or your dog. This results in less dogs groomed in a day, calmer and happier dogs and a calmer and happier Lane. The results speak for themselves.

We are located on 6 acres, in the western edge of scenic San Miguel County, about 60 miles southwest of Telluride, Colorado. We are about 2 hours south of Grand Junction, 2 hours east of Moab, Utah, and 2 hours north of Cortez. Check out our "Maps" page to see where we are. Feel free to come and visit us, or take advantage of our pickup and delivery service in the Telluride area.
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